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How do I restore a backup I did for utorrent ?


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hi everyone

I recently reinstalled my OS, but prior to reinstallation and following the advice I obtained on the internet I copied the entire contents of the following folder onto a backup disk :

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\uTorrent

Now I have successfully reinstalled the OS, and reinstalled utorrent, how do I restore my 'backup' to utorrent, so that torrents go back to the same status as it was before I had reinstalled my OS ?

I had already tried copying the 'backup' to the 'new version' of the same folder, but it does not seem to work in utorrent. All the torrents are not even showing.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

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OK... so explaining from the beginning. You made a backup of your 4 dat files in the old http://xrl.us/uTAppData folder. You then reinstalled Windows. You then browsed to the new %APPDATA%\uTorrent folder and unpacked the backup. You then tried running uT and nothing shows up? When you start uT and go to the Logger tab does it mention anything wrong with the settings or that it's running self-contained? If nothing shows up can you try showing the Category pane (F7) and selecting ALL. If nothing shows up there at all it sounds like you put the backup in the wrong folder.

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