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Slow Uploads


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Hi. First let me say sorry, this is probably some quick fix that is mentioned somewhere on the forums but I don't have time to read up on everything for someone else's benefit. Yeah, I'm an ass but whatever.

I download some stuff with UTorrent and seed as long as possible. I'm sure I don't have the settings right but it works for me. I can wait for a day to download something. Basically it works for me and I don't need to fix it. I've noticed that I rarely get higher than 10 kb/s while uploading. Downloads are slow too but I can deal with that.

I just figured if there was a quick fix I can do to raise my upload rate I might as well, I don't mind seeding at high rates. I checked in the options but I don't see anything that I recognize might slow me down. Any upload limit is well over what I can upload currently.

Thanks for any help,

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