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Quick PRIORITY Button


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It was not moved though. The graphical position was relocated to group it to the left separator with other "add" buttons. The skins file layout hasn't changed.

Edit:Is that how it works with old "format" skin files? When the parameters do not match uT just ignores it instead of loading what it understands?

Edit: I was looking at http://utorrent.com/skins.php and thinking about the checkbox "include old format", whereby those downloads are not of the current dimensional constraints. Heh, with 1.8 now the tabs spec has changed too (256x16 bmp). I just modded my first set to add 4 more buttons.

From your comment here about customization, that was my third reaction to the first reaction of "no it won't". I'm all for making prominent useful things features on the toolbar, but inclusion of non-major buttons precipitates clutter whereby one NEEDS an ability to turn off "buttons" to keep the whole toolbar visible on-screen. I think currently all functionality which needs to be on the toolbar is there. If adding anything the Speed Guide dialog and About dialog should be added before anything else IMNSHO ;)

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Exactly, and that's why customizing the toolbar would not "mess with skinning."

Edit: Regarding the edit... are you talking about images with improper dimensions? If so, I'm not sure how µTorrent behaves with those files, since I've never tested it (and don't have any on hand to test).

Edit: Apparently, µTorrent loads skins of arbitrary sizes... So no, µTorrent doesn't ignore any files. If a part of the bitmap that it's expecting to exist isn't there (24px off the right-hand side, for example), the buttons are simply blank.

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