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[1.8 b8192] minor visual glitches

Raziel Anarki

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i've just installed the 1.8 beta (b8192) and i have some visual glitches to report:

(see screenshot)


i'm using a custom xp visual style (slightly modified from guistyle vs by hand, enabled via stylexp) and some visual glitches appear in utorrent.

could it be so the custom proportions for the style are respected? (most applications do that i think)

because it just looks bad this way.

if it's not possible to do this, well... i can live with that... but imho it's still worth mentioning


i'm using a custom icon theme for about every icon in ut, and some new icons dont show.

my guess is that because the custom icon set doesn't have these icons yet.

could it be so that the default icons are shown in such cases?

also in the torrent info tabs, somehow i get icons when an "iconless" tab is active.


on a sligthly related note: (no offense but) i really dislike the new icon, so i went and downloaded the old program icon for ut, and while the program window icon gets replaced by it, the tray icon doesn't. could this be fixed?


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Sounds like your custom visual style has a problem. Verify these overlaps still exist with your current settings on a windows style i.e. Luna or Royale... I can't even find those overlapping objects in the configuration :( It could be your background color is too dark, or the border for the objects is too wide I don't know (I couldn't tell you exactly where to look I've never made a whole theme before). Are you using the Dark style? If you have unlocked uxtheme.dll why do you need StyleXP also?

For B you need to get a new skin file or update it. The tabs in 1.8 have been increased as you see ;)

For C you need a different icon. As skins c/o FAQ says main.ico and tray.ico are separate.

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a. well the overlaps do not appear in luna (theres a 1px gap, as supposedly intented)

on closer inspection i found the same overlap in total commander's tabs, but interestingly the tabs in 'system properties' in contol panel seem fine altought there's more space there for the blue bar

(also i tried using a custom uxtheme.dll but it didn't work: i got the classic windows look with distorted proportions)

also worth noting i just did some graphic editing on the theme, and replaced the default fonts in the ini inside the dll

maybe it's time to pull out a resource editor again and try to fix this myself as it may not be ut's fault at all

b. well then i'll wait for an updated iconset :)

but it would still be nice to have the default unskinned icons there

(and i believe the rss feeds and the items in the rss view have new icons that don't show)

c. thanks i didn't know that, it just seemed obvious before that they would use the same icon

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