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A different kind of throttling


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It's pretty much well understood that a high upload speed affects the download speed and that the UL should be about 10% of what the ISP provides for optimum performance. Well i've noticed that if you go too low on the UL, the DL also can deminish. The idea is to implement an automatic throttling of UL speeds to the number of files being downloaded. It would require a bit of work and some AI but, after the user manually sets the highest UL limit they'd like to go, either universally or file-by-file, the AI would automatically reduce it and discover the average download speed for one minute. Then the AI would go lower or higher (if the user did not set the UL limit for the FILE, manually), recording the average DL speed for each testing-minute until it recognizes the best UL limit for each file. The user would be able to specify how often this auto-check works, like once every 10 minutes (or "never"), though the process would continue for the duration of the download as to actively acquire the most optimum DL speed.

Technology is only getting better (or worse depending on who you are), my advice is to shoot for the stars.

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