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Download Cap issue


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I've tried a search but it didn't found anything on this subject. If I missed one out, please don't shoot me!

Anyway the problem is as follows;

When I cap my Download speed on a torrent, the upload speed will go down aswell 1 even though the upload cap is on 0.

And yes it happens to all torrents.

For example I would put torrentX download cap: 5, upload cap: 0

First, the download speed would go down and the upload would rise from 3kb/sec to 10kb/sec. When the download speed finally reached the cap the upload would drop to below 1kb/sec.

I've never heared of this problem before, hope someone can help me :)

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It was on both busy and not so busy torrents.

No, I'm not firewalled, I'm connectable/clever so that shouldn't be the problem.

These clients are the ones connected at the moment, I don't know which ones were connected when the problem first occured:



Fake BitComet (wth?)

Mainline 3.4.2


Anyway, it seems that with torrents where I can get a higher download speed and I would cap it the upload would go down. Get me? Like, if the max download I can get is 20 and I cap it at 5 the upload goes to 1. But if the max download I can get is 15, and I cap it 15 the upload wont go down.

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