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A dilemma with superseeding a non-finished torrent


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Ok, so the thing is I have this 4.45GB that i have not finished downloading yet, problem is i stopped downloading it for a long time and when I returned it seems like I'm the peer with the most completed copies, so I thought it should be better to activate super-seeding as on top of it I have a very low connection, only 100kbps for upload (limited to 10kB/s as my max upload is 12) but after reading many of the topics about super-seeding it seems unlikely that it will help me much if at all, the torrent have pieces of 4.00MB each piece wich also wouldnt help me distribute the parts i have fast, I have a completed 74.9% and increasing everyone else seem almost stuck at 65.4% except for like a 0.1% advance each hour or so, so any help would be appreciated to help me seed this properly

ohh yeah, i have also limited max upload slots to 3 (so at least i could distribute complete pieces fast), and limited my connected peers to 20

the dilemma is ammm... ok maybe not exactly dilemma but what of the settings should i change to make the distribution of files go faster?

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ok, im close to 100% now so i gues i should actyivate super-seding when i get the 100% and become seed right?

edit: ok, thought of another possibility, maybe i should keep the connected peers to only 1 so i could send it all my upload and then it gets distributed fast?

sorry my bad english

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no, actually the torrent got stuck at 96% and im the only one with that ammount of it, i can finish it somewhere else, but i want to help the people who is stuck at 69% now i can get the parts to finish it somewhere else and come back to help others finish it

there is like 135 peers on that torrent so no possibility for it to become dead anytime soon heh

edit: why do they even make pieces that big??? the whole night and i helped 3.9% distribute, but i entered to another torrent double the size (9.86GB) but 1.00MB pieces and in 1 hour i helped it get from going 50.9% to 51.6% damn thing is i dont have all the files from that torrent to help it complete

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Chances are, there's someone ALREADY using super-seed on that torrent. You might be able to figure out which ip they are by noticing an ip you NEVER upload to but uploads to you occassionally/alot. Having multiple BT clients running super-seed on the same torrent probably isn't a good thing.

It's probably best if you don't use super-seed for another reason as well:


Comment: BitComet interferes with SuperSeeding?

I pointed that out on this thread as well:


Btw, if you weren't having any problems with uploading at 10 KB/sec you could probably leave it at that. If you could still surf the internet ok and your download speeds in µTorrent weren't any slower from it, why not?

Lowering your max upload slots for that torrent to only 2 or 3 is probably a good idea. They will go to whoever uploads the quickest to you on average.

To spare a little more upload bandwidth, you might want to disable DHT for this torrent if you haven't already.

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hey thx for the help, all that i tried and as i said i finished ging to bittornado for seeding, i notice now that bittornado doesnt disconnect me as fast as utorrent from the peers, which is probably why i couldnt distribute the files fast enoghut, now i get from bittornado a 2% distributed per hour and utorrent let me distribute 0.2% per hour or somethen im sticking to bittornado for seeding then

i think utorrent needs to be a better handler of upload/seeder

i know there is no other person using superseeding as when i turn down my pc on nights and turn it on on the morning, everyone gets stuck at the same amount the person with most progress had on the night

BTW, why making 4MB pieces for a torrent :P

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