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Seeding a new torrent


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First time poster here.

Two questions if i may.

The other day i uploaded a rock gig. Since then, quite a lot of poeple have downloaded it but are not seeding - in fact, i AM the only person seeding the torrent.

I've been doing it on and off for 3 days solid now - and its slowing up my PC bigtime. There are 16 peers all sharing 90kb per sec.

My question is, how long am i supposed to keep on seeding this torrent on my own? The files are 2.85 gig and i've uploaded 4 times that amount since putting the torrent up. but i dont want to have a really slow PC forever?

When am i expected to call it day with this?

Second question - The torrent i uploaded was a bootleg rock gig, and this is definitely the first time its been uploaded anywhere in the world, i know this for a fact as its a bootleg that has only been distributed to 20 people. So, why is someone from full releases.com claiming to have uploaded the torrent and are making out its their own work- when all they have done is download it from me and put it up on their site?

Thanks for answering (presuming you do answer, hope i haven't bored you to death)


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Hmm, if you have other torrents running even at default settings, the client would have moved past this torrent already in the queue at 4 ratio. What are your Ctrl-P -> Queue settings? What do you mean slow it? You're trying to make 16 upload slots on this torrent? What are your Ctrl-G (Speed Guide) settings?

I don't know about that website... if you made it, not just uploaded it I'm sure it has some sort of comment section where you can point to the original upload location. Or the results for the torrent could be just added by an advertiser to pump traffic to fullreleases.... that's how marketing works these days, lol... targeted, false advertising :P

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Ctrl P queue settings are max uploads 9 max down 8 - and the box below is set at 100%.

I'm not uploading or downloading anything else, just seeding this torrent.

When i say its slowing up my PC, let me explain. If i stop seeding the torrent (which is seeding @ 90kb ps), i can surf the web with my usual ease - the pages load instantly etc.

But when i try to surf the web while seeding, the sites i go to take ages to load up their pages, and if i click on a link to open something its like 8 seconds before the page appears, its just slowed down my performance.

Speed guide settings are set to 96k, as this is my average upload speed. In the peers list, its showing 23, but only 1 is getting uploaded to.

Am i just supposed to seed to 100% and then stop? Its my first time uploading, so apologies for sounding like a dork.

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You must have customized your Speed Guide settings. 90 KiBps in uT is not xx/96 nor will that allow uploads @ > 90KiB. You would need at LEAST xx/1Mbit to have uT set your upload > 90 KiBps automatically, and for those queue values it requires the xx/2Mbit option. How about you run a speed test while NOT transferring anything ... no HTTP FTP or BT protocol. You can pause the torrent in uT, you don't need to stop it. What's your upload... think about changing your upload limit to 80%*(max upload speed from speedtest in kbps / 8). This will give you a relatively lenient upload max.

;) Not a problem about the questions. The reason i mentioned the settings is because you can tell uT near the bottom there "once torrent reaches seeding goal limit to X KiBps" It's a nifty feature for people who like running lots of torrents at once. It you haven't yet I'd recommend checking out the µManual below and reading through it to get accustomed to the uT GUI. Did that answer all your questions?

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