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Need help setting number of connections from ROUTER


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Alright i hope this is the right forum.

Anyway, i'm using a linksys router which is shared among a few people. Anyway there's one user in the network who uses utorrent, problem in that his global number of connection was set extremely high (like 1000) which causes the router and consequently my connection to become problematic (pages won't load...etc)

I know that global connections can be set via the preferences page in utorrent settings.

The thing is, they can always be changed back as and when the user wants.

So my question is, can i configure my router to limit the total number of global connections to something like 200? Being able to limit it router side would be very useful.

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Hi hope someone can help !!

Just started using a Siemens Gigaset SE587 router and cannot appear to get anything to start downloading. I have the green tick at the bottom showing network ok and when tested I am told the port is forwarded o.k.

The DHT icon always seems to say waiting to log in (on rare occasions it sorts itself and like right now has 242 nodes connected) 22(104)seeds, 17(215)peers but no download speed. And the arrow to the left of my downloading file is red.

My service provider is Tiscali (8mb line).

I know it's probably something i'm not doing but can't see what !!!!


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