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Help Needed.... no port connection as router is not allowing


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I have just changed ISP from Sky to BT and have a new business broadband router BT 2700 HGV (netwire) i believe.

Now using the Sky Router when i had there broaband i could download at 750 kbs/sec but now i am showing increasing low speeds at downloading and i believe that this is to do with my utorrent not being able to connect properly to users sharing files ie port forwarding.

the router's firewall seems to be blocking any ports from connecting, and unfortunately i am not too technical minded and do not know how to change this.

I used to get the green light at the bottom of Utorrent and now its consistently red - ie no connection...

Can anyone help?


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Awwww, you changed from Sky. Unfortunately there are more problems reported with BT than Sky.

One thing you'll want to do is go through the Setup Guide again... re-test your sustained download speed in uT becuase you are as you said on 1) different ISPs pipes and 2) with different hardware. OpenOffice torrents or Slackware torrents will do.

Hmmm http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/2wire/BT2700HG-V/Utorrent.htm looks to be straight-forward .. but whether you can still get the same speeds depends on the lines more than anything.

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thanks for you reply, well i had so many problems with Sky, i'm hoping that BT won't be the same!! Sky customer services were useless and there techincal help arent great either, we were off for 3 weeks with a problem at the exchange (which i admit was Sky / Bt Related ) but were told it would only take 3 days to fix and then after ordering a HD sky box and after having to wait a week for the installation to take place, i decided to install it myself which was fine and no problem. So i then decided to contact sky to cancel my installation for the HD box and get the £60 refund! cancelled it no problem but then about a week later our phone line and Sky broadband didnt work. It turns out that cancelling a installation for a engineer to come around and install a hd box cancelled my whole account - Sky TV, Broadband and Sky Talk...... Er i think not and they had the cheek to say it would take 14 days to renew the account........

Anyway so hopefully BT will be better....

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