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Can't navigate after using µTorrent on Vista Premium


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I'll try to explain myself a lil better.

Here's the thing, I'm using Vista Ultimate and the latest version of µTorrent. The problem is that I can use the internet (Messenger, Firefox, FileZilla & stuff) normally, no problems at all, then I open µTorrent and the problems begin, µTorrent works, but the rest of my "internet programs" don't.

I thought there was something wrong with my connection, but when i check on µTorrent it's downloading at 400 or so.

Then I thought "Hey µTorrent is using my whole bandwidth" so I stopped ALL the downloads, now µTorrent is not using any bandwidth at all, but I still can't use Firefox or even IE.

Then I close µTorrent completely, try again, and nothing.

Then I restart the computer, and now everything works again, so I thought "This is just a random temporary failure" so I use internet as I always do. And open again µTorrent. But here we go again, after this I just can't navigate.

Every time I open µTorrent I have to restart the system to be able to navigate again. I loooove µTorrent, so I wanna know if there's any kind of fix for this, something I can do, or just get another Torrent program =(.

Thanks for your help =(

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Edited: I realize it is snarky to just post a URL. But taking the time to post, without providing ANY useful information is pointless. http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html

In all cases where network latency is occurring there is a bottleneck which needs to be addressed: either at the hardware, or in the software, increasing available load availability or reducing load respectively. The common procedure covered in Ultima's How-To for troubleshooting include reducing connections and disabling DHT.

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