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Tracker timed out after several minute


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I'm using utorrent 1.7.7, and I often (which means not always) face this problem :

When I started downloading a file, my computer gradually connected to some seed/peer.

The speed will increase until it reach the max speed allowed (in my case it reach around 30 kBps since I'm using 256 kbps connection). For example my computer is connected with 50 seeds 10 peers.

After few minutes the seed/peer which connected to my computer is gradually reduced. The speed also decreasing. This will happen until only few 'survived' seed/peer are connected and the speed become very low (for example 2 seed 1 peer with speed around 3 kBps)

Then when the client want to have update from tracker, it can't reach the tracker (tracker appear offline). Manual update tracker also didnt work. This happened so many times. The way I can connect the tracker again is only by terminating the torrent application (right click, exit) and then run the application again. Restarting the torrent (stop and then resume again) without terminating the application wont work.

I wanna know what happened here. Is it related to my torrent client or some problem with the ISP?

I'm not using firewall at all.

Anyone can help me?

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