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Got exellent speeds? Post ur settings.dat please.


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Hi all,

With so many settings out there to make utorrent work fast (download speed) I want to make a request of sorts.

If your utorrent gives u really fast speeds like azureus/bitcomet etc. kindly post your settings.dat file here and share your settings with us :)

You can find this file here : C:\Documents and Settings\YOURPCUSERNAME\Application Data\uTorrent

This file contains your custom settings that you are using in utorrent which is probably why you are getting really good speeds.

Kindly help me and the other out with this :)

You can use a site like : www.getfile.biz OR www.rapidupload.com to upload the file onto and link it here ;)

Thanks in advance :)

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My connection is 6 mbit / 384 kbit. I have max connections at 85, max peers per torrent at 90, and upload slots per torrent at 4. Under advanced options, I turned net.low_cpu to false and peer.lazy_bitfield to true. I've been getting some really good speeds with this config so far. :-) You'll have to alter the "max" settings and upload slots to suit your own connection though. Experiment! ^^

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