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A noobs cry for help....


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Ok, i have read the threads, and there have been threads relating to my problem, but none that have managed to fully solve my problem. Please help, it will make you feel good about yourself....

I have recently downloaded utorrent and found it to be a very user-friendly and generally excellent piece of software. But, I am experiencing HILARIOUSLY low download rates, occasionally dropping below a kb! Now this is bizzare, given i have a fairly reasonable 2 meg connection. Now, i'm fairly sure that my firewall is blocking a decent connection, because im getting NAT error, etc. Heard this one before I hear you say, but, I am using a client computer across a wireless network. I have attempted to create exceptions on the router firewall and both windows firewalls but to no avail. I am sure im doing something patheticly stupid.

I am using a D-Link DSl-G604T router and a GWL-G122 usb wireless adaptor. Im sorry i cant provide any more info than that, im a bit new to the whole thing to be honest.

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