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need different help


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sorry my other thread wasn't allowing me to post for some reason,,

so what should my ideal settings be?

as of now i have my max upload set to 150 kB

max dl set to 0 (unltd)

max global connections 250

peers per torrent 125

slots per torrent 17

and all advanced settings turned to stock.

someone told me that messing with the net_max_halfopen amount would help. But i didnt patch my tcpip.sys file.

I did infact change my netsh global ip autotuning level thing to = highlyrestricted. (someone told me that this would help prevent my internet from getting shut off because of too many connections)

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Someone was talking out of their arse when they told you that changing net.max_halfopen would help. Do NOT change it from the default without any good reason.

Run the Speed Guide properly? You should be selecting your connection's upload rate in the dropdown menu.

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Yeah, in the future ;) Post on the forums first. Emails don't get answered when it's covered on the forum.

If you're still having TROUBLE after following http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php please describe the procedure you followed, things you changed.. and behaviour you're experiencing and how it differs from what you expect and then we'll be getting somewhere :D

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ok now its back...

my problem is that before. in xp sp2 i was getting my dl speeds up to around 500kbps. Now the highest i can get is around 100 and thats inconsistent. I used the speed guide and set my speed to the 1Mbit speed as i had it in XP also.

I followed the guide. I have my port forwarded too.

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