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utorrent slow after restarting PC!!!


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hi, my utorrent did not work before reinstalling xp but after reinstalling it does. I can download at about 30kb/s for a whole night. When i restarted my pc it was fast for a few more hours then slowed down to 6-7kb/s. I deleted the torrent I was downloading and started again. It then showed me "tracker sending invalid data <null>". If DHT is not enabled, not a single soul seeding on a 300 seed torrent. If DHT is on, then I get mebbe 20-30 people and no one is uploading to me. I have a netgear WG111T wireless usb adapter connected to a speedstream modem. My speed is currently 0.7-0.1kb/s.

These are my settings: max download + max upload = 0

Global max # connections = 800

Max connected peers per torrent = 125

Upload slots = 4

All checkboxes in that window checked (utorrent 1.7.5)

Max # of active torrents = 3

Max # of active downloads = 2

All other settings default


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Horrible settings, especially considering the fact that (1) you're using wireless, and (2) you're using a USB adapter. You're going to need to scale those numbers back considerably -- follow the Speed Guide's suggestions properly by selecting the correct upload rate for your connection. In fact, you might want to consider selecting a preset one lower than the upload rate, since your network device might not be able to handle the number of connections too well.

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Go back to your Speed Guide (Ctrl-g) and set for your UPLOAD speed. Unlimited upload is not wise. You may need to verify your rules / forwarding for the firewall / security software you run.

Additionally what changed between the forwarded and "working" state after a reinstall and NOW.

Have you gone through http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php? Have you tested http://slackware.com/torrents/ ?

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