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Speed drops to 5k after few hours on WRTP54G


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Hi everyone

I have a speed problem with utorrent. It is not immediate, but after a few hours.

Here is my system setup:

System: XP SP2 with half open connection at 10 (default).

utorrent: upnp disabled, max half connection at 4

Modem: AzTech 305EU in bridge mode

Testing torrent: OpenOffice torrent and other live Linux DVD torrents

ISP connection:512/128

WRTP54G Firmware Version: 3.1.27. Voice feature is disabled at the moment.

Windows firewall open for utorrent

utorrent scheduler is not enabled.

utorrent upload speed set at 8k

Here is the testing I have done so far:

1. Direct connect the modem to the PC, I get constant 50k download speed 24x7.

2. Aztech modem->WRTP54G->PC

WRTP54G upnp disabled

WRTP54G port forwarded for utorrent

Static IP address set in PC for port forwarding.

utorrent has green tick and runs 50k speed for a few hours. Then the download speed drops to 5k. I have to reset both the modem and WRTP54G to get the speed back up. In this case, I don't have to restart the PC. When reviewing the utorrent speed tab, slow download speed normally happen at 6am, 3pm regardless the time I reset my router/modem.

3. If I increase the XP half open connection to 100 with the setup described in point 2. utorrent download a full speed for lesser amount of time than point 2 before speed drops to 5k.

This problem is very specific, and I cannot find any answer from the net yet.

Anyone has experience this problem ? Any solution ?

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Hi, Firon

Thanks for the reply.

The firmware I am using is already the latest.

If the router is choking the connection, why it happens after a few hours, not right away ?

In this case, do you have any recommended model of router for this application ?


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I have returned the router and get a NetGear DG834Gv4. So far, 6 hours of download still in full speed.

I have downloaded/Seeded OpenOffice for so many times, I really sick of it. Hope NetGear will solve my problem once and for all.

Thanks everyone for the reply.

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