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a simple question, but I can't find answer anyplace


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I didn't know what forum was best for an information question, but can anybody tell me what an asterix * in the "#" column on utorrent means?

I've never seen a number in the "#" column, but suddenly two torrents are marked with asterixes * so I am curious.

Thank you for any help.


OK I read finally that it has to do with the file not reaching seed capacity or something....

is the file any good? or is the asterix saying it's bad?

Anything I should do?

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Thank you. I appreciate the manual you linked, too.

I notice that these two files with the asterix have a very low number in the RATIO column- ie .335 and .667 whereas my other files have large numbers, like 2,811 and 6,770.

This makes me think there is a problem.

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