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Torrents Wont Resume On Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1


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Once i exit utorrent program from memory.

I loose all the torrents. Though i have set the port to 2000 and opened the same on the firewall. But the program always takes a random port and i have to manually set it back to original. Once the program is closed the torrent vanishes from the completed history and since Seeding becomes a problem.

There is a similar issue with the BitTorrent client but far worse than uTorrent.

Please Find a Way Out

Thanking You.

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I have tried uninstalling BitDefender but that does not seems to be an issue. The Windows Prefetch seems to be the problem. Even when a clean Uninstall is done by deleting C:\program files\Utorrent folder and the %appdata%/Utorrent folder and then rebooting still clicking the shortcut of Utorrent on the desktop or on the QuickLaunch bar starts the application. Hence i followed that the program is being loaded from prefetch folder of Windows. Clearing the prefetch and reinstalling the application is working fine presently BUT i think it might resurface again when i add fresh torrents (i have not tried that yet. but an educated guess makes me think so)as i see Utorrent on the prefetch folder again. Hence manually clearing the prefetch everytime Utorrent exits might solve the issue. I hope further updates of Utorrent will settle this issue.

Thanks to Firon & GTHK for their time and effort!

Hats off to UTorrent!

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