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Siemens Gigaset SE 515 DSL---> Download works, but surfing not!


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Everytime I start downloading with µTorrent, I cannot surf the Web anymore on ANY Computer connected to the Router!

Other Applications like Skype, ICQ etc. are still working. And if I enter the DNS-Server Address my Router gets from the ISP, I can surf again.

EG: Normally I use (my Router^^) as DNS in my TCP/IP Settings, with µ-torrent this doesnt work anymore. So I enter (German Telekom DNS-Server) then it works again....

Can somebody explain this strange behaviour ?????

And furthermore has someone an Idea how to fix it ?????

Firmware of my Router is : which is the latest.

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Are you using UPnP on the router?

Are you limiting your connections in µTorrent?

Also, did you try disabling DHT? (assuming your torrents already have enough peers/seeds that they don't need this.)

Are you limiting upload and download speed as well as upload slots so overloads are unlikely?

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Its not the Speed, it happens even if I have only 1kb/s up and 1kb/s down.

UPnP is activated in the Router Config.

For TCP/IP I use a tool from lvllord (The number of half-open TCP Connections can be set up to 16777214) Look here :


I normally have 200 Connections and this worked fine with the yabc-client.

When I stop utorrent I still cannot surfe, to do this I have to restart the Router.

I found a Site with Infos for many Router, there they write that I have to disable UPnP.... I will give it a try..

here: http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Siemens/gigasetse515/Utorrent.htm

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I had a problem like that with the DI-624S, it wouldn't take more than 120connections even with UPnP and DHT disabled and oh well... it died on the 6th day... have a DGL-4300 now and happy with it.... get a new router... a good high end one... not the common stuff...

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