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Connection breaks, then I need to restart Utorrent.


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Since the past few days I have been facing an erratic connection to the internet (problem is with my ISP).

Now what happens is that the connections breaks, the firewall gives a message about the network connection having disconnected, and then the modem (which was never switched off) restarts automatically (I think its called PPOE mode, where you just switch on the modem,and it automatically connects to the ISP, you don't have to manually log in with username and password), and I am online again after a minute, but the torrents in Utorrent slow down and then stop downloading, and then they don't start again, they hover around a total or 2 to 4 kbps speed. When I stop all torrents, shut down Utorrent, and start it again, the speed again picks up (mine goes up to around 200 kbps at times, though the usual is between 100 to 130 kbps); this keeps happening.

What do I do to solve it?


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