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uTorrent Acting Weird Over Remote Desktop Connection


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Ok, here's a weird one. I have a computer on the network that does all my downloading. It's my file storage system. I rarely access it other than via Remote Desktop because it's connected to my main television. Now when I access it via the main television, it seems to be just fine, all the files I added are there, doing there thing. Everything seems fine. However, if I access that system then open uTorrent to view all the files downloading, etc... The screen never changes. The sames files have been downloading for months. I can add files and they don't show up. Nothing changes at all.

Any ideas?

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? You need to connect RDP via /console parameter if you have uT running as anything local. All connections / information over standard RDP is an emulated user on a temporary session and is non-permanent.

Several posts from "console session" search results:



I hope this is the problem. From your presentation that's what comes to mind... though it may be something different if for example the GUI is frozen

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