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Please Help! my donwload and upload wont even start!


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I have recently installed DSL 512k. Inittially my downloads at utorrent were working fine. One day when I started downloading i noticed a yellow triangle beside my download and upload data I noticed that my listening port is not forwarded properly. I went to my router config site and fixed the problem.

I now have a green tick (which is very pleasing to see :) but my downloads WONT start at ALL! for example I am trying to download a file with over 50000 seeders and peers but my download speed is 0.0k and so is my upload (sometimes it does reach upto 0.6 to 0.8). Utorrent shows a number of people under peers tab. But my download still won't start.

Im under swear anxiety.... HELP!

Please, be kind and help me and get my download working!

Thanks in advance.

My connection info is as under;

Connection Information


Downstream / Upstream (Kbps) 4091/1018

Router Information

System Uptime 0 hours 52 minutes

Model DSL805E

Firmware Version 134.100.1p

Build 001

Ethernet MAC address 00:30:0A:A8:D2:0B

DSL MAC address 00:30:0A:A8:D2:0C

NAT Enabled

Firewall Enabled (even though i have uncheck it in the pannel)

Local Network Information

LAN IP Address

DHCP Enabled

DHCP Range -

Ethernet Connected

Please Help!!

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Any torrent claiming > 20K peers is likely fake. I will not say always because there is content out there such as anime where it's possible to have 200K peers simultaneously on it according to the tracker.

The results from your router configuration are interesting. What are you paying for the .5Mbit.. upload? Because those router settings say 4Mbit down 1 Mbit up. Thanks for the configuration, the IP is not conflicting with the DHCP :) These connected peers what flags do they show? If they show K or S that's why they don't download. http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_do_all_those_flags_in_the_Flags_column_mean.3F

Have you tested with either of the test torrents slackware or openoffice?? http://slackware.com/torrents/

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All the peers that get connect to me have the symbol either D I H X. No K and S. What bothers me is that I was trying to download a file it was working fine till it got upto 7.9% where it got all stuck people sometimes can upload from me but no download.

And there was this other file I was trying to download with over 60k seeder it won't even start. What is stunning is that I went on the site you sujessted and have started downloading a slacware (I dont know what it is or what is does) but the download is working fine! And it has only got like 60 seed and some 200 peers.

Should I search that file over again and get a file with smaller number of seeders that i.e less than 20k as u sugested?

Why don't I ask my dsl company these question? Simply becase you know this stuff more than them or because they don't know ... it sure is sad.

Yes I am paying for 512K DSL. Hmmm if im getting 4M download and 1M upload at the price of .5M that makes me think.

I think you can clearly see why I am bothering you and not the "DSL guys" :)

Thanks for the help keep up the Great work.

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