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Recovery after total crash


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How do I go back to the same list of downloads after my

computer crashes, and I have to fall back upon a total

backup made two months earlier?

A feature like backing up the list from time to time, and

recalling it in the event of a crash would be nice.

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The resume.dat.old is used in the event the resume.dat is unavailable/corrupted.

Checking %APPDATA%\uTorrent are both of those files < 1 KiB? The files are backed up regularly... there is no OTHER backup however. So when you load up uT and notice this problem of a blank screen with no loaded torrents you have 30 seconds before the backup resume.dat.old is overwritten with the current resume.dat which is empty.

Can i ask what happened if it was a power failure or Windows BSODd?

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