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problem with vista home premium


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A mate has a problem with utorrent which we have tried to troubleshoot.

His laptop has Vista Home Premium.

All firewall settings have been checked and are ok.

All utorrent settings are identical to my setup.

We connected his laptop to my network, and although my machine (vista business) gets great speeds, his laptop gets very poor speed, a yellow or red conenction icon and problems when testing if the port is open.

This means the problem is not firewall or router related, but something in his vista setup.

He can connect to only 10 or 11 users at once and each tends to get identical download speed of a max of about 6k/sec - its actually uncanny watching the peers all connecting at the same speed.

The same torrent on my machine gets hundreds of connections totalling over 1.3Mbps

I have read that there are connection limits built into vista home.

I tried applying them but having huge problems getting access rights to do so - even as a vista administrator.

Is there an easy solution to this?

any help appreciated.


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