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File skipped - file not pre-allocated


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Just thought it would be nice so i've just registered to share that thought.

I use pre-allocating files for the obvious reason it's for, however, today i started three big torrents (ca. 20gb total), but i limited two of them to even less than 50% of files (the rest was unneeded), so finally 'twas something like 15gb. That two have already finished, i've just opened the dir and realized that all of the files are present and all pre-allocated which i found kinda disturbing, 'cause if i didn't wanna get these files then I DIDN"T WANNA GET THIS FILES, hehe (so meantime there was 5gb of wasted disk space + i had to remove them manually). Of course, some may like it other way so my suggestion is to add another checkbox, or something, next to the pre-allocate option saying "do not pre-allocate skipped files" (which also means auto-deletion of files when skipped after its downloading started - could be another option). You get the idea. :)

Ps. Alternative workaround could be "delete skipped files" in the context menu of "files" tab. Or both to make it all flexible.

uTorrent rox,


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Already done so, once said is enough :) Still.. I'm an user-oriented web developer, not a binary thinking programmer (sad but true) and long time ago i learned that between black & white there's gray, which should not be ignored :)

Successful application is good application, which is a friendly application. I felt that would be a nice simple option, way better from an unexperienced user perspective than the one you pointed me out, so i posted it. Do whatever you want with it. My job is done here.


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