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Eset NOD32 problem with Utorrent


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Well, what i found that ekrn.exe, a service from Eset NOD32 antivirus was consuming a lot of memory so while my utorrent running and working fine i terminated the service and disable it untill the next restart. what i found just after terminating it that my utorrent has stopped downloading and uploading anything.

and i wont work untill the next start. altho after restarting the system utorrent is working fine but then my nod wont work also. but eset service taking a lot of memory and it also gives me problem watching any video file. what to do???

any suggestion would be appreaciable

pls help.

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No.. You don't have do that. Just add utorrent.exe to the exclusions list.

This is for NOD32 version 2.x:

Go to nod32 control center and select IMON, then SETUP, then MISCELLANEOUS, then EDIT and find utorrent.exe.

Also you can to the same thing for the AMON module.

Then restart utorrent.

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