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1.8 build 9363 - Not moving to proper UNC directory


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I have uTorrent set up on my WHS computer to download temp files to D:\Incomplete (that way its not trying to do any of the drive extender type functionality on files while they're in the process of downloading.)

Then, after they're completed, it moves the files to \\SERVER\temp to sit there until I manually sort everything out. This was working fine in the newest 1.7 version. However, in the 1.8 beta, instead of moving the files to \\SERVER\temp, it instead moves them to C:\windows\system32\server\temp (makes the directory there, because it previously didn't exist.)

This has happened with 5 or 6 torrents so far, so its pretty reproducable.

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The uTorrent client is on WHS, as I said. Yes, clicking the browse button shows the correct folder. More importantly, this worked correctly in version 1.7 as I already said, so I don't see how its a WHS issue, and instead something that has happened during the betas.


New discovery: When the utorrent client is running as a service using instsrv and srvany, then it is moving things to the C:\windows\system32\server\temp\ directory.

When I just ran it again with the regular client running, it instead saved to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\SERVER\Temp

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