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Router Hompage Busy


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My utorrent 1.8 beta says in the speed guide that my ports are not forwarded to utorrent so i went to portforwarding.com and followed the steps except when i went to the step where i have to go to the router's homepage, the homepage just says 'busy'

First i just thought that the server was busy or something but i tried numerous of times and still displays 'busy' when i try to connect (http://192.168.1), i even unpluged the modem and tried again, still nothing.

ISP: rogers

Modem: Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR

DPC2100 Modem

Connection: Directly to my computer, no wireless

Web Browser: Firefox

can someone please help me with this problem?

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ya i got the CA firewall but i think its allowing it, same goes for my Windows Firewall,

Sry i didn't mention this before, i have another router for my other computer and its not wireless

ISP: rogers

Modem: AirLink 101

Model NO: AR504

Web Browser: IE

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