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Crying at the speed...


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My speed test result with Chicago server is,

Download - 740kb/s

Upload - 175kb/s

I'm from Malaysia and the ISP I'm using is 1 of the ISP that throttle/interfere with BitTorrent.

Therefore I subscribe to btguard and thought it would help.

After the btguard configuration, my download speed is between 50 to 100 kb/s

But the real pain is, my upload has NEVER been more than 10 kb/s!

Could someone please advice what can I do to increase the upload speed?


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... to get 100 KiBps DOWNLOAD in uT, on that speedtest is amazing. UPLOAD is limited to 24 KiBps maximum if you're on xx/192 line. It's possible you can upload more when not downloading. Otherwise lower your connected peers per-torrent and global.... and turn off all unnecessary functions like DHT, LPD, and Resolve IPs in the Peers tab.

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Heh, well I'll say this, if your "BTGuard" allows you to hit 100 KiBps in uT, keep using it :P

The upload you get may just be due to the locations of all the peers you're connecting to. I'd imagine other .my peers would connect faster. Also if you haven't already, try running uT Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent -> FORCED encryption , DIS-allow legacy connections.

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