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need help with a few problems


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hi all,

I've used utorrent for a while and I've had some problems and would like some help plz.

1. the highest speed I've ever had is about 300KB even on popular files is that normal?

2. using any sort of P2P software results in my pc losing its net connection randomly. (I'm with sky and I'm using vista, although I had the same problem with xp and BT)

3. closing utorrent and then reopening it without restarting my pc results in a "utorrent is still open but not responding" error and I've tried using task manager to end it but it wont. also if I turn off my pc and I've been using utorrent it will take several minutes for the pc to shut down is this normal?

4. sometimes the network status thing in the middle of the screen at the bottom turns yellow and my speed drops until I restart my pc.

5. when ever utorrent starts downloading anything at any speed (even less than 1kb) my ping on xbox live and any online game goes through the roof some times up to 3000ms. this wasn't as bad with BT but it was still a problem.

sorry about all the questions.

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1) Dunno what's your line speed?

2) Gone through http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 ?

3) Set Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> bt.graceful_shutdown = TRUE. How long are you waiting? With this enabled you will need to WAIT until the process is no longer in the Processes list of Task Manager

4) If you don't get incoming connections for a while the light will change. Fixing your internet precludes the computer restart. You will never need to restart it.

5) See #2, you are on an impacted line. You MUST http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php according to your UPLOAD linespeed. After that with the type of connection and hardware you're using it sounds like you should cut the load from numbers of connections in half.... following Ultima's troubleshooting guide should help. If not, in your reply list what you tried :)

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