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wildy fluctuating d/l speeds


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hi all.

ive been usin utorrent 2 d/l+u/l stuff for ages.i recently aqquired 2 laptops+from my bog standard pc gettin 37.5 kbs on a good day,i was astonished at gettin 250 kbs on the laptop!

i then got the vista laptop+good lord=even faster over 300kbs constant!

however this comes at a price- i was hoping that i would be able 2 return "things" from whence they came(recyclin init lol)by uploding some things that i wasnt able to find on here rather than u/l yet another cam version of yet another rubbish movie.i create torrent-save+then upload via mininova(as ive taken so much,i wanted 2 try +give back)so i tried 2 tests+ i am havin problems-the torrents are there (on mininova) they have leechers yet my green tick has gone+the dreaded no incoming connections thing is up-port isnt forwarded-yet if i get shot of the uploads everythin returns

both show 100% obviously-but no upload-correction one has started 2 crawl at 3.1kbs

am i being impatient? this is 2 hours since i uploaded+like i say as i write this,it has kicked in-still got the no connection triangle

i have both as "initial seeding"-should i be force starting these?

i have initial seeding checked in the prefs too

i know its somethin simple ive overlooked,any help appreciated,cheers

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ok its a netgear router dg834g+laptops wireless built in adaptor

mcafee firewall(suite)

havent messed with ip settings as it works perfect until i try to seed my own uploads,again the downloads are flyin so there has to be some connection,i looked at the port forward test thing but simply saying " go into the router" is not very helpful as 1st you have to locate the darn thing on the lappy+2nd the settings are ok until i try to do this,why is a created torrent doing what a downloaded torrent isnt?

unless its a seperate/different/alternate port for uploading?

perhaps it may be cos im downloading at the same time? i can wait for that 2 finish+then reboot+start again,will look at the ip+the dhcp range-ive always assumed that because i had good d/l speeds-i would have no trouble setting up torrents to go out so 2 speak.many thanks for speedy reply any way m8,cheers

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Pretty easy idea to get you to the router is start->run->cmd /k ipconfig and try to browse to the Default Gateway. Common IPs, if your IP Address is ARE,

I'd be surprised if NOTHING about that line of netgear are mentioned @ http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm

If you're the sole uploader you MUST be connectable, as you're not being a fair uploader expecting only other peers to be connectable. Also, there are usually many more peers than seeds on swarms, and as TheShad0w explains http://bt.degreez.net/firewalled.html the more firewalled peers on a swarm, the more "hammered" the connectable ones get.

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