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Would like to 1) Seed to ratio. 2) Start download in queue. 3) Seed


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Hi all,

Sorry if this question has been asked before. If it has, I would appreciate any pointer to it. I want to do the following in priority.

1) Seed to certain ratio.

2) Start any download in the queue.

3) Seed again. Prefer to be based on seed/peer ratio, but random seeding is fine too.

I was able to do the first 2, but not the 3.

Is there a way to do that?


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Hrm... right now, my queueing page will have

A) Download queue with 1) 2) 3) and so on.

B) Seeding Queue with "*" -- these have not reach seed ratio yet.

C) Seeding Queue with "blank" -- these have reach seed ratio.

If I don't check the "When utorrent reach the seeding Goal" under preference->queueing, utorrent will go from B) to C) without starting A).

If I check that box, all C) will mark finished. Then utorrent will go from B) to A) and stop uploading.

What I would like is B) -> A) -> C). Did I miss some tricks here..:)


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... What are your Queueing settings?? If you ONLY have 1 torrent total and 1 downloading, either you are downloading or seeding, depending upon the "seeding tasks have higher priority". If you have 1 downloading and 2 total, you will always have 1 downloading torrent when available and up to 2 seeding torrents if no download is in your queue.

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Let's make active torrents = download torrent cause I don't want to limit some to seeding only. If I have a download queue, I want utorrent to start that instead of starting some torrent that "reach ratio" already.

Let me do a screen capture. A picture worth a thousand word.

Here is the link :


Problem 2) is what I am talking about. How can it start torrents which reach seed ratio 0.75 while I have a download queue not started?

Problem 1) is another thing that I don't understand. For some reason, #3 can start downloading but not #2.

Hope this make things more clear...:)


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No No....:) It is only 3 active all together. So, utorrent did it right. It is the priority that I don't understand.

Hold on. I think I understand what you said. Let me try that.

here is the pic after I change the flag you mention.


I want the green one start (from #1 to #18 till it finds one works which will be the No. 3 active torrent slot), not the red one. Still not working.

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"That's with seeding tasks have higher priority correct?" "


You didn't change the dont_count_slow_ul/dl did you?"

I did change it.

"Like I said originally can you TRY setting global torrents > downloads... I don't know what else to try."

Ok. I figure utorrent probably can't do it. Thanks anyway.

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