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Merging utorrent lists


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i am with a problem and i would like to know if there is a solution to this:

i have 2 computers,each one which run a utorrent client with its own list of torrents.

now because i am going to format one of the 2 computers and use it only for homework,i would like to somehow copy and add/merge my unfinished torrents list of the utorrent client of this computer to the unfinished torrents list of the utorrent client of the other computer.

let me clarify something.i am talking about the torrents which appear in the utorrent's main window.not about the half-downloaded files in the temporary folder.i dont care if i download them again from start.i just want to reallocate their corresponding *.torrent files.

i have thought of 2 solutions:

1.since i have automaticaly stored all my past and active *.torrent files in a storage folder,i could just copy these torrents to the default auto-load folder of the other utorrent client.so the client would just auto-load them and renew its torrent list with the new torrents.

the problem here is that my storage folder has 2000 torrents which the half of them i have already downloaded in a past time.i dont want to reload those torrents again.

so i go to the second solution

2.i manually check the utorrent's torrent list entries,i find their corresponding *.torrent files and i just copy/paste them to the auto-load folder of the other utorrent client etc.in that way i bypass the old stored torrents which have already been downloaded.

but again the problem here is that my active torrent list has 1000 entries and as u can imagine its a bit time consmuning and the whole process.

so is there any better third solution for my problem or i am just out of luck? :/

tx for your time and sorry for my long post.

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You can "merge" them with BFE, but you'll have to do alot of work no matter what you do. The new testing .6 version allows importing of data, and coupling that with Ctrl-X-> Ctrl-V you can merge everything into the same "list" (that is the same heriarchical level). When importing it automatically is in its own dictionary (i.e. a sub-level)... though I haven't tried leaving as is, but even then you'll have to clear out the keyname for the list.

The problem here is that you've loaded some torrents and finished them already and removed them. With that scenario using Auto-Load won't be useful because you have to know what you finished already :( If you didn't remove any the "would you like to add the trackers" is enough of a notice to see it's already been loaded, so you're good to go.

IF you've got them in the same directories I think disabling the "always show dialog on manual add" would trigger the "this data exists in 1) start 2) finished or 3) skip this torrent" dialog.. not sure. If you want clarification on any of this feel free to reply.

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Yes... what did you use to do the work? It sounds like you got it down pretty fast...

BTW.. I don't know if it's worth posting here.. the op mentioned having to edit the torrent file and I didn't understand if it would be a text editor or not. But I grabbed

a text editor that is super cool because it has a bunch of easy intuative features that

make the following super easy..

1. macros - they are brainless worth a look

2. columnar editing. This was what I liked so much and it might help depending on

how your text files layout in the window.

3. It's small .. I'm not even sure there are any dll files. Anyway check it out.

Crimson Editor.


It's fast loading, multi windowed and has the macro function that's easy an intuative.

I dunno. I still use Cwordpad (made by the same people who made wordpad for MS) so it's not that I need anything big. I avoid anything large 'cause my time is worth something and learning curves are sucky. This has a super short learning curve.

Oh the forum they have is great too. It's small enough that you get a reply in a few minutes to an hour and there's really no issues with the software.

The other thing is that I think many people from spreadsheet to html to other authors have uses for it and have made custom apps for it. So there's a wide support base no matter what you do with it.


Sorry to get off topic a bit. But I dunno maybe it's not.

I'd still like to hear how the op go his merge to work.

Ok the pr

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