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Vista download speeds and connection timeout problems


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Dear forum readers,

I hope you can help with my Vista ultimate problems with utorrent. I'm running the 32bit version on a 64bit machine with a zyxel g202 wpa-psk wireless connection.

1. I continually get slow download speeds of around 15kbs. When utorrent is open then it completely kills my entire network and so i cant browse the web from anywhere on my network. I understand the problem is due to the tcp connection limitation so i tried using the tcpip.sys patch but it causes my windows to show an error on rebooting and i've had to use the windows setup repair tool twice to undo this so this isn't an option. I've tried disabeling the firewall and have no antivirus so have tried everything obvious. I can download directly from websites fine with my 8mb connection and used microsofts HD showcase website as a test download.

2. Whilst downloading with utorrent, my wireless connections disconnects itself. I've looked at all of the power management options and have set it to the performance option so dont believe it's this. I'm guessing it's related to problem 1.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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