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Noob question.


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Started DL a torrent last night.

I hit 'pause', close the comp, went to sleep.

Wake up, open computer and the torrent 'link' was dead, 'force recheck' (I think) and now....

Well, its starting all over again... wich might be what happen with a 'force recheck'


I have a .asf on the comp that wont play... is there a way to hook that file with the torrent so Utorrent will just keep on going from where it left? Or am I doomed to start over again?


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after soping and setting the save as accordingly to my previous file, he checked the file.

but when i look in the general tab, general sub-section into the total size, I still have the same thing (934mb (4.3 mb done))

so its obviously picked up from the last file, but dont seems to actually start from where it left...

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