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"Error :can't open .torrentfile....give pathway " Newbie Mistake?


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Sorry if this as already been posted.. I tried to find a search function but..I must have missed it.

Have receive a number of above msgs after seeding a file for a few days...I HAVE not changed the file pathway but have opened the file in the pathway from the utorrent screen. Any ideas? These torrents also have a red X beside them...trying to also find info on colour codes...in your Guide.


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I unfortunately have Vista OS so I partioned to have a drive specific for downloaded torrents and things have been fine...No My Comp drive changes are noted ..ever. I have restarted uT many times and it does not seem to be tied to a reboot/ restart process... it seems to happen after I have had been seeding for a couple of days...share is the key! The does not seem to be a rhytmn nor reason and it does not do it to every file.

F:\finished\filename\.torrents is what is sited without giving specifics

The only thing is I have 2 folders 1 for the inition contact with the torent the other is when the file is complete and gets auto transferred when download is complete...not been a problem except for these occassional glitches...a little baffled...but

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So... you move the torrents when completed then. Are you sure that specific filename exists in that directory? Did you move things around and possibly move the .TORRENT file as well?

In 1.8 you see the status on the General tab, but in 1.7 you have to double click the "Status" column to see the FULL path. Can you double check?

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jilli: I also have Vista with a seperate hard drive for storage. Essentially the same thing. :P

I had a few problems at one time when using the "location of .torrents" section under directories in options so I don't use that anymore. All I do is keep them organized in a folder specifically for my .torrent files. I also move my torrents to another folder to help keep things organized using utorrents options.

Is it possible that the options might've reset or changed? Can happen occasionally.

Also, if it's a file you have in use (mounted on Daemon Tools or Alcohol or played/used), that can also effect it sometimes. Happened once to me while my fiance was watching one of the movies I got and was seeding.

jewelis: Doh! I forgot.. doesn't 1.7 have an option to append the name of the label or something when moved? Maybe that's messing things up? Just a thought. Hmm...

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No... I do not move them manually...I have uT set up to transfer to another folder when download complete. I am running 1.7 according to info when the prog is opened but I cannot double click on status to get pathway when the file is highlighted..I have to let the cursor hover and then it will flash the pathway. However, under the general tab I can see the same pathway as with the hovering cursor and both physically match where the file is located on my HD.


Checked under options and things still look ok...not sure what you mean here:

..Also, if it's a file you have in use (mounted on Daemon Tools or Alcohol or played/used), that can also effect it sometimes.

If you mean have I opened the viewable files and watched them then...yes I have done that but why does this appear to happen randomly and not with all or others? hmm.. I'll try to pay more attention to see...

I haven't quit figured out all of the colour codes..is there a section that discusses this? I have tried in the guide for info but either I missed it or...apologies either way...

Both of y'all have been really helpful with your suggestions..thx..

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