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Files download but won't write to disk


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I have successfully downloaded through utorrent previously, however today have had a problem where the files appear to be downloading correctly, but are not writing to disk. This is the case for 2 files I had previously started to download. Earlier data is appearing on my disk but not what I downloaded today. I also started downloading a new file and that is also no where to be found.

When I right click on the file and select open containing folder, nothing happens. The correct download location is written in on the general info page but when I go to that location manually the new file does not exist.

As you can imagine my cache is overflowing.....

My disk stats are reading high for writing to cache but 0 for writing to file.

Any solutions? I don't really want to lose what I have downloaded.

Thanks in advance :-)

PS I accidentally posted this under speed topics but think it belongs here.

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i dont kno what operating system ur using but u can try searching for the files using the search button located in the start menu of XP ..........sometimes files are moved for what ever reason ....mayb ur virus protection does it.........sometimes mine will take a file i have downloaded and delete it could be infected what ever....

that would my advice......try so new torrent to ....and update utorrent .......


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