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RSS problems - No connection could be made


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I'm having a problem with my RSS feed. I setup a few RSS feeds in utorrent (ie BTCHAT|http://www.bt-chat.com/rss.php?mode=cg&group=3&cat=9) but whenever I hit "Update now", it says no connection could be made. I have PeerGuardian 2 installed, but have disabled it, and still no luck. I'm running in Windows XP2, tried disabling the firewall and still no luck (I'm able to download torrents fine). If I hit the page via Firefox, it works fine.

I leave it open, and when I come back, it sometimes looks like it got updated, but I'm not completely sure.

Anyone have any ideas? I also have Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5i installed, but I had that installed before and it didn't cause any problems (I recently formatted my computer and started fresh).

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