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not connecting after update


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i've noticed that after updating to the latest utorrent a few weeks ago that i'm getting the yellow yield sign instead of the green arrow.

i'm 99.999999% its due to me updating, at least thats the only major change i've done.

use port 54702 on utorrent

my windows firewall has the right exceptions.

my wireless D-link 524 is as follows

Virtual Server

Virtual Server is used to allow Internet users access to LAN services.

Enabled Disabled


Private IP 192.168.0.

Protocol Type both

Private Port 54702

Public Port 54702

Schedule Always

and the modem from glocalnet has NOT been messed with any way.

and here is the status of the d-link 524

Firmware Version: V2.04, Fri, Apr 28 2006


MAC Address 00-19-5B-B2-18-9F

IP Address

Subnet Mask

DHCP Server Enabled


MAC Address 00-19-5B-B2-18-9E

Connection Static IP

IP Address

Subnet Mask


Domain Name Server,


MAC Address 00-19-5B-B2-18-9F

ESSID the-cube

Security WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK

Channel 6

anyone else get this? what gives??

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