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Port Forwarded - DHT problems


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hey guys ,

I have my port forwarded 65231 is green and it appears to be ok for utorrent, but i can not establish a conection at all, DHT is keep fu#$ing saying "WAITING TO LOG IN" what a fu%*... i mean i had being part of the bitorrent culture for the last 4 years and i had never had this problem at all, some people in other forums said it might be my ISP well i use Cox Cable which are a mother fu$%^& but that is another post...anyways any solutions here

I am using Utorrent 8 beta build , i tried with the stable version 7.7 and it was the same

Thank you

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thank you for replying, but i did enable and unblock UDP from the firewall on the router, i have a Motorola SBG900 and i forwarded and unblock the port form the firewall in the modem/router, when i click on the speed guide on Utorent to see if i have the port opened is green the icon so everything is fine, before i had no troubles to use utorrent , but as soon as i reboot the router stop working.

I even delete de DHT and DHT.OLD files from AppData in windows, i run vista.

Any other idea that it my help me, thank you


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