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Problem oppening files


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Hello, I've just downloaded μTorrent, and just have downloaded it, all the program files (.exe) became unopenibles cause they are oppened also by μTorrent, although I can open all the image files by the Wi gallery of default, and I not even can open my internet browser, the only way for connect is by the website of μTorrent. The specific problem is that all the files are oppened as μTorrent download files, and it don't give me the option of change the program for open... as I said, I can't do nearly anything...

I hope a solution, please...

Thank you all.

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Oh, I've tried that, but the system can't allow me use any program, included the restore system.

All nearly all the files are oppened by the μTorrent... I've tried to remove it, but the program continues working once unistalled, I don't know what can I do...

Thank you anyhow.

PS: I'm using the system Windows Vista Intel Core 2, for if it has something to do with the bug.

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