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Low speed even after following all the methods....

Aravind Kumar

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OpenOffice torrent makes a good test torrent because there are so many EXTREMELY fast seeders on it. You don't have to upload a thing to max out your line.

But most torrents require you to upload alot to get decent download speeds in return.

BitTorrent lives, breathes, and DIES by how well (and stable!) you can upload.

So if you're not uploading at a reasonable and stable rate, your download speed is likely suffering really bad.

Try both the 1st and 2nd links in my signature.

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My guess is your ISP throttles/cripples/disrupts BitTorrent traffic...though perhaps not entirely.

Most Asian-Pacific ISPs do...some severely so. (Australia and New Zealand fall into this category though not really being part of Asia...since most of their internet connections flow through Asia.)

I still don't know what settings you're actually using, besides upload speed max of 20 KiloBYTES/second.

The 1st link in my signature asks for numerous things we need to help further.

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Hey I tried each and every thing given in the speed guide. Read all the posts and stuff. No use. Here is the info. as indicated in the last step. Please help.

1) I tried all the methods.

2) I get a green coloured tick. My router port is forwarded and working fine.

3) Port checker says all connections on my ports are allowed.

4) Upload limit : 17kB/s

Upload slots : 3

Max. active torrents : 2

Max. active downloads : 1

5) net.max_halfopen : *50. I've even patched my system.

6) Operatins system is Windows XP service pack 2.

7) I uses Avast as my antivirus and COMODO as my firewall. All settings on COMODO are made such that utorrent is allowed.

8) I use a Huawei smartAX MT 841 modem.

9) My ISP is BSNL. Plan Home 500C. 2 Mbps speed. Oh and I get around 250 kBps while downloading form HTTP.

10) As said 2 Mbps speed. I got a download speed of around 200 kB/s and an upload of around 18 or 19 kB/s while testing. NO OTHER DOWNLOADS/UPLOADS WERE DONE WHILE TESTING. I used the sites recommended by the forum for testing. Also used the site speedtest.net

Finally I'm getting an average speed of around 35 to 40 kB/s while downloading.

Uploading doesn't seem to be a problem I get around 17 to 19 kB/s which is recommended for my speed and connection.

Kindly help. Thank you.

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