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Error with downloading big files!


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Hi everyone, i'm new to the forums but i've downloaded files via utorrent for a few days now after i got the same error from bittorrent as i now get in utorrent.

It happens every time i'm trying to download big files as the one now at 12gb.

At around 40% downloaded it says :

(translating from swedish now so it might get a bit wrong)

anyway: Error:Utorrent couldn't finish the requested file because of a limit in the filesystem.

any way it seems like this only happens with big files (as stated) and I don't know how to fix it.

As far as i've tried i couldn't find any way to fix this in the utorrent preferences.

Soooo any help is appreciated.

Thank you! :D

EDIT: And yes i am using windows vista.

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