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just a little ask


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sorry for my english, not enough education.

we still wait some not popular software, and we have diferent level of downloading. can you make some another method of uploads? i try to explain: downloads and uploads starting, when online client with 100%. we all have diferent part of this arhive - can we download absent pices of each eather, without client, who has 100%?

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we have online noone. we cant start download. but if my ask will be made...


my download 30%


client 2 10%


client 3 40%


if this will be working i can download absent part from another people, who has not 100% too, and overall progress = 60% for all, who waiting of downloading. and when 100% client will come online - much easyly for download. it will be only 40%.

so if clients to many - it can be not need people who has 100% :) some part thear, some part another it probably will be 100%

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