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Increasing upload speed


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Hello, I have a question which hopefully someone can answer.

It's pretty simple. I have scheduled downloading to be unlimited during say midnight to 7am.

Any other times its set to 5k or so. (uploading is set to 60k all the time).

Now my problem is during the midnight session when downloading is unlimited, my uploadings at full speed 60k.

However during the other time when my downloading is limited, my uploading is abissmal (5-15k average). I tested so when I make the download unlimited during this time my upload reaches 60k so its not got anything to do with isp.

What I think, when you restrict utorrents download (say 5k) then all the bandwidth will be used to download and leave no room for uploading.

Is there any work around so my upload is great all the time regardless of my download speed?

thanks in advance.

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It shouldn't work like that... have you tried using the scheduler's seed only mode if you only want to upload? Or are you impacted by your ISP where your speeds suffer when ONLY uploading? What happens when you limit download you split that amount into the number of connected peers, so if you plan on doing that you could try limiting peer connections to 50 % of current to see if that helps?

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