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the µCommodore 64 icons


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hahah Well you are So welcome!

No, I never played BeamRider, but now I'll have to.

I remember I bought my commodore 64 on a home appliances shop, back in 1985.

A guy came to my house, set up the computer and told me to draw a christmas tree. (?) You don't see that kind of things around these days.

I'll promise I'll make state and tab icons soon.

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Welllll, thing with trying to update the tutorial... it's still correct. The ONLY parameter which changed is # of tabs. Everything else is the same, alpha through omega. So you have to know that it goes (Trackers after General) instead of a direct jump Peers Pieces Files Speed Logger.

Actually do you think you could work out some sort of transparency into the blue field background? I reminisce indeed, but the sample screenshot does sort of show you the jarring juxtaposition of the rounded luna XP theme and the more-blocky C-64 days.

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Yes you're right about the transparency issue, although I work with Photoshop 6 and wasn't aware of 32-bit BMPs until I read that tutorial.

I'll definately make them transparent when I have the time and Photoshop CS3, but I also thought about that, and the fact that the icons don't have transparency and the juxtaposition from nowadays graphics and old time blocky graphics is just the idea of the theme.

But again, I', planning on make them transparent, but only the tab icons.

Of course, contributions are always welcome.

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