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Once More Into the Breach.......


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Into the firewall on my router page:

"edit customized services"

It asks me for a "service name"

**Can the service name be anything I choose to label it,or is there something specific I should enter there? Is so,what?

It asks for a "service type"

**Is is tcp or udp or tcp/udp. Which should I enter?

It asks for a "port range"

**Do I enter the same port in both spaces?


Next,a firewall:

It asks for a "service description"

**What should I enter there?

It asks for "protocal"

**Should it be udp or tcp or both?

It asks for "initiator port" and "destination port".

**Should I enter the same(correct) port for both?


I'm sorry to ask so many questions,but I want to figure this out and get a green light.



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