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Torrent Aiding Server

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Just a quick question/concept.

Would it not be a good idea for people to be able to set up seperate computers (or, more likely, servers) to help with their torrent downloads?

The server(s) would connect to the swarm as well, and pass on all the pieces as per normal, but obviously with a high upload ratio, and they could additionally send 100% of what they download to the server owner.

So the swam benefits and whoever deployed the server gets like twice as fast downloads?

Or would that not be possible? I know it goes against the P2P ethic a little, but hosting companies would offer it for a couple bucks, and that's a lot of resources that torrents everywhere could access.

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To be honest, I don't understand things well, so this clarification might not help.

What I mean is - adding rented servers to the swarm. People would rent them like webhosting but cheaper, and they'd join whatever swarm the owner wants to download, and pass on the pieces it gets both back to the swarm like normal with a high upload ratio, but preferentially send to the owner.

It's like, the owner is dedicating his home net line AND the rented server capacity. The whole swarm benefits from the additional resources, and the owner specifically gets like twice the download speed.

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