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wierd update in: problem


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i've noticed that my client is doing some crazy stuff. the update in times seem to be jumping all over the place, though some seem to be working fine...

update in: 42.16 > 22.30 > 42.14 > 22.28 > 48.14 > 32.14 > 48.12 > 32.12 etc

update in: 34.12 > 34.10 > 34.08 > etc

update in: 34.01 > 34.00 > 33.59 > etc

it all started after setting my harddrive with the data as a slave (D), originally the master, after i cracked my mobo installing some memory.

i installed utorrent on the new master © copied the .torrents across reloaded them, utorrent detected that the data already existed on (D), hash checked them and started seeding again.

any ideas on a fix?

thanks in advance

*removing all the .torrents, and manually re-adding them individually fixed it

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